1. How to participate in Lenen IDO?

500 IDO quotas are preferentially allocated to whitelist users who have recharged and successfully participated, completed the "Metaverse" monthly reward event to obtain OAT, participated in the Vanswap pledge competition, and participated in the Vanswap trading competition, from October 1st to December 18th, 2022 At 24:00, users who have participated in the Vision voting pledge, and as of 24:00 on December 18, users who have participated in the lenen testnet will directly be eligible for the whitelist.

2. What are the rules of Lenen IDO?

Lenen IDO is carried out on VanSwap, which is divided into whitelist round and super fundraising round. It is aimed at users who hold the whitelist (the complete list has been announced on the official Twitter). PM)- Participate in the subscription during 16:00 (PM) on the 23rd, 2022 (UTC). Each address that successfully participates in the private placement can guarantee a subscription quota of 300VS. The remaining amount of $Len tokens that have not been raised in the whitelist round will be transferred to the super-funding pool. The minimum fundraising limit for a single account in the super-raising pool: 100VS, and the cumulative fundraising limit for a single account: 8000VS.

3. How many VS are expected to be raised in this IDO?

Whitelist fundraising target: 150,000VS; super fundraising pool total target: 590,740VS.

4. Where is the VS of IDO? How will it be used?

The VS raised by IDO is planned to be used in the future development and governance of Lenen. Most of the raised VS will initiate the creation of a fund pool on VanSwap, using assets of equal value to create each liquidity trading pair.

5. How to release LEN after IDO?

On January 12, 20% of LEN will be released at one time, and the remaining 80% will be released linearly at 10% per month for 8 months.

6. Where will LEN be mined after it is released?

Lenen has reached a cooperation with VanSwap. Users who hold LEN can mine on VanSwap by adding liquidity. Lenen is also developing functions related to liquidity mining. After the product is updated and launched, they can also mine on the Lenen network.

7. Does Lenen have a roadmap?

The Lenen lending roadmap has four phases. The first phase includes UI interface version 1, social media account registration and operation, testnet launch, multilingual community, online IDO and lending functions, etc. We are currently proceeding in the first phase in an orderly manner. In the second stage, we will add more tokens for supply and lending, launch LP farms, enable cross-chain, UI/UX version 2 user interface, improve user experience, and carry out more market activities and ecological cooperation. In the third stage, we will increase the scenario application of Len and empower LEN. In addition to liquidity mining, for example, holding LEN can enjoy discounts on loan interest, DAO governance and other rights and interests. In the fourth stage, we will start more ecological cooperation, such as the casting of NFT, the introduction of GameFi, multi-chain deployment, etc.

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