Lenen Protocol

Interact Process


1. Lenders add assets to the Lenen lending pool to provide assets to new loans (staking USDT will earn interest);

2. The borrower uses the Token supported by Lenen as collateral, creates a loan, and conducts transactions through the transaction pool;

3. The borrower must repay the principal and interest on or before the expiration of the loan period, and the collateral value of the borrower's loan falls below the required minimum collateral, triggering liquidation.


For an ETH loan worth $10,000, the loan-to-value ratio (LTV) is 50%, and the user needs to deposit USDT worth $20,000 as collateral because USDT is the basic asset of Lenen and earns interest while mortgaging.

When the value of ETH rises above $10,000, users need to add USDT. If it rises above $12,000, users face forced liquidation and lenders get their money back.