Lenen Protocol



Lenen puts safety first in the product's overall design, which is mainly reflected in two aspects. The first aspect is the decentralized oracle machine, the data source Lenen use is a weighted average of multiple external data sources to ensure that the price is accurate. In addition,the liquidation model, which is different from traditional loan liquidation, it can significantly improve the security of assets.

Multi-chain Strategy

Lenen will deploy on other chains in the future, because protocol will run on multiple chains, and in economic model, protocol has reserved platform tokens for users to mine.

DAO Governess lock-up model

it has three main advantages. The first point is high returns, the second point is to facilitate the project to control the currency price, and the third point is about voting rights.

Vision Resources

There are many advantages to deploying on the Vision chain. There is no lending project on the Vision chain now, so our goal is to be the largest ecology of the Vision chain, and in the future, we and Vision will work together, to achieve our goal.

Various Staking

Users can stake many kinds of tokens with LEN token, lenen will announce the details on official media later.