Defi concepts emerge in endlessly,hundreds of DeFi projects have appeared in the market around these application directions, and new concepts such as lending platforms, decentralized exchanges, decentralized autonomous organizations, stable coins, and oracle machines are also emerging.

In 2022, the overall lock-up volume of DeFi will exceed $100 billion, with DEX and lending products accounting for the highest proportion of lock-up volume; among the top ten DeFi projects, DEX accounts for 37% of TVL, while lending products account for 33%. Currently, crypto lending has emerged as one of the most promising applications of DeFi, ushering in an influx of dozens of platforms, tools, applications, and participants.

DeFi provides open financial services for different activities in the Metaverse (such as online shopping, lending, investment, profit, insurance, etc.), without centralized control, and lending gives liquidity to Metaverse assets.

Specifically, users mortgage their own NFT and original metaverse assets in the corresponding functional modules. In this way, the user gets the loan as the mortgager, and the loan provider releases the loan. When the repayment date is reached, the mortgager can get back the corresponding assets in the Metaverse after repaying the loan and interest.

Why build Lenen

Based on the rapid development of DeFi, NFT, etc., the Web3 era has arrived, and the ecological integration represented by Metaverse has become the focus of market attention. As a lending agreement under the Vision Metaverse ecosystem, Lenen, together with the launched Vtimes Wallet, VisionScan, Vision Bridge, Vanswap, and the upcoming Vision NFT market, will build the underlying supporting facilities of the Vision Metaverse, provide sufficient and complete support for scenarios such as metaverse business and metaverse life. Lenen will meet the borrowing needs of Metaverse residents, and eventually realize "everything can be mortgaged", providing users with a more efficient innovative digital civilization.

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