1. What is the function of depositing USDT?

Lenen uses USDT as the base asset, and depositors can earn interest by providing the base asset to the Lenen protocol.

2. What are mortgage assets? What mortgageable assets does Lenen have?

Mortgage assets refer to assets with strong consensus and good liquidity. After depositing, they are used as asset guarantees to lend other tokens. The standard for becoming a mortgage asset is relatively strict. Not any currency can be used as a mortgage asset. In Lenen lending, the mortgage assets include VS, VBTC, VETH, and VBNB.

3. What are the risks of depositing USDT? Deposit and withdraw at any time? What should I do if the deposit is borrowed and cannot be withdrawn?

Lenen is undergoing a security audit and multi-signature, please feel free to use it. Deposits can be withdrawn at any time, unless the deposit pool is exhausted. After the deposit is borrowed, it can be withdrawn after a new deposit is deposited or someone repays the loan. In this case, the capital utilization rate is close to 100%, and the interest rate will soar instantly, prompting new deposits to be deposited and borrowers to repay to replenish market liquidity. So please wait patiently for the market to replenish liquidity while enjoying the high deposit income.

4. Will deposits only increase and not decrease?

Because USDT is the basic asset, and there will be interest returns on deposits, the deposit risk is low, which is equivalent to capital-guaranteed wealth management, so the USDT currency standard will generally be more or less.

5. What is the interest paid on deposits and loans?

Be given what you deposited, and repay what you borrow.

6. Is the interest of USDT deposit fixed?

The depositor's interest rate is determined based on the lending rate of the USDT fund pool. The higher the lending rate, the higher the interest rate.

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