Lenen is a decentralized lending protocol where lenders want higher interest rates and borrowers want to pay lower interest rates. The optimal solution needs to be achieved through the market mechanism. This is the core purpose of DAO governance.

Under the leadership of DAO, Lenen will achieve complete decentralization and a high degree of community consensus. Under this framework, the development team is responsible for maintaining the safe, reliable and continuous operation of the system, and continuously innovating and iterating products.


Proposal initiated by Lenen, decision will be executed according to voting results.


The proposal was initiated by the Lenen community. Proposals from users for the future development of Lenen are gathered and then became a community. The Lenen team will closely monitor each community and consider and support the most supported proposals to be upgraded to "core" proposals. If the community vote is successful, it won't necessarily be implemented, but there are a lot of community-supported suggestions that may be incorporated into the core proposal.

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